Attend events aimed at broadening knowledge of the law and legal practice, and earn CPD points for attendance at qualifying VWL events. Connect with colleagues in the legal profession and other professional associations – such as the Women Barristers’ Association and Women in Finance – via networking events and cross-industry conferences.


Practising Law with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities: Empowerment, Identity and Culture
20 March 2024
5.30pm - 7.30pm
Allens, Level 37, 101 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Victorian Women Lawyer’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee and Tarwirri, the Indigenous Law Students and Lawyers Association of Victoria are proud to present this panel discussion.

In this discussion, we will hear from Aboriginal women lawyers as to the issues Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face and how we can address policy to promote inclusion and understanding regarding such concerns in the workplace


07 March 2024
IWD Dame Roma Mitchell Memorial Lunch 2024

For the first time ever, in celebration of International Women's Day, VWL has teamed up with some friends and allies to bring you the most intersectional and diverse IWD Luncheon the legal profession has ever seen! We are thrilled to invite our members and the wider legal community to a two course lunch and a short keynote address from, Kate Ramsey, author of "A Hell of a Lot of Glass", followed by a panel discussion in conversation with representatives from Tarwirri, AALA, DALA & Pride in Law (to be revealed!).

VWL and WBA are proud to once again hold this annual lunch held in memory of Dame Roma Flinders Mitchell, the first Australian woman to be appointed Queen’s Counsel, judge, chancellor of an Australian university and State Governor. We have no doubts that Dame Roma would be immensely proud of all the strides we have made within the legal profession, and look forward to an invigorating discussion around the UN IWD 2024 Theme: Count Her In, as well as the VWL theme for 2024: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow!

We thank our event sponsor Gatehouse Legal Recruitment for their continued and unwavering support.


28 November 2023
2023 - AGM & End of Year Celebration
18 November 2023
Australian Women Lawyers (AWL) Annual General Meeting
17 November 2023
Geelong Networking Event - Bringing the Legal Community Together
19 October 2023
ONLINE ONLY - Livestream Building your community
18 October 2023
Professional Mentoring Launch
05 October 2023
Wellbeing - Clarity Roadmap Workshop
07 September 2023
Reproductive Justice: Workplace rights & obligations
06 September 2023
Briefing for Balance - Equitable Briefing Dinner
23 August 2023
2023 - Warren Moot Launch
26 July 2023
2023 - VWL & WBA Law Student Mentoring Launch
19 July 2023
Difficult Conversations at Work: An Online Panel Discussion
17 May 2023
Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave: a step in the right direction but more needs to be done
04 May 2023
Members & Guests 2023
19 April 2023
Flourishing Workshops - Fear(Less) You Masterclass & Package Deal
17 March 2023
Managing and Preventing Vicarious Trauma in the Law - Interactive Panel Discussion
29 November 2022
Victorian Women Lawyers Association Inc 2022 AGM
08 September 2022
2022 Lesbia Harford Oration
01 September 2022
2022 Warren Moot Launch
31 August 2022
Diverse Legal Career Pathways in the Public Sector
05 August 2022
Australian Women Lawyers 2022 Conference
28 July 2022
2022 Professional Mentoring Launch
21 July 2022
Conscious Leadership & the Law
27 June 2022
Confident Conversations: Pay & Promotions
25 May 2022
Women in Law with Diverse Abilities - Part 2
23 May 2022
Empowering Women Book Launch
20 April 2022
Stop the Expansion of the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre
06 April 2022
Return to Work Guide Launch
24 November 2021
Victorian Women Lawyers Association Inc. 2021 AGM and 25th Anniversary Keynote
20 October 2021
Alternative Legal Career Pathways
19 October 2021
Coming to the Bar: Online Panel Discussion and Networking
12 October 2021
Women in the Law with Diverse Abilities Part 1
05 October 2021
Women Barristers Association - Gender Equitable Briefing: Strategies for Improving Briefing Rates
21 September 2021
VWL & WBA Law Student Mentoring Program Launch
31 August 2021
Confident Conversations: Founding your own firm - Legal start-ups in regional and suburban Victoria
25 August 2021
Sexual Harassment Workshop
18 August 2021
2021 Warren Moot Launch
04 August 2021
Remaining Resilient – Panel Discussion & Mental Health Workshop
28 July 2021
Government and Public Law Networking for Lawyers and Law Students
16 July 2021
Book Launch - Empowering Women: From Murder and Misogyny to High Court Victory
21 April 2021
Mindfulness Series: Yoga and Meditation (21st April 2021)
14 April 2021
Mindfulness Series: Yoga and Meditation (14th April 2021)
07 April 2021
Mindfulness Series: Yoga and Meditation (7th April 2021)
31 March 2021
Brazen Hussies Film Screening with live Q&A
26 November 2020
2020 AGM and End of Year Keynote
08 October 2020
Beyond Graduation: Legal Careers in the Suburbs
07 October 2020
Alternative Legal Pathways: 5 Week Series on Instagram Live
03 September 2020
Law Student Mentoring Program - Powerful Mentoring Techniques with Clare Monger of K & L Gates
01 September 2020
Mabu Mabu damper-making workshop with Meriam chef, Nornie Bero
27 July 2020
Launch of the 2020 Law Student Mentoring Program
08 July 2020
Networking and Working Remotely - How to Survive and Thrive from Home
24 June 2020
Clerkship and Graduate Masterclass: free online panel discussion with Clayton Utz
05 June 2020
Work-Life Integration and the Future of Work: Free Webinar with the Remote Expert
11 March 2020
The World Post-Marriage Equality: Issues Affecting Rainbow Families and the LGBTIQA+ Community
04 March 2020
Dame Roma Mitchell Memorial Lunch 2020
26 November 2019
Annual General Meeting 2019
26 November 2019
VWL end of year celebration
19 November 2019
Practice in Geelong: Pathways, Purpose, and Possibilities
13 November 2019
Family Law Reform Panel Discussion and CPD Event
10 October 2019
Alternative Legal Pathways - Networking Breakfast and Panel Discussion
09 October 2019
Ethical Intuition: Navigating Ethical Challenges in Government
02 October 2019
Lesbia Harford Oration with Bri Lee
11 September 2019
Share the Dignity: Networking and Donation Drive
10 September 2019
Warren Moot 2019
04 September 2019
2019 Warren Moot Launch - Advocacy Training
28 August 2019
Cross-Industry Networking with guest speaker Sarah Holloway
14 August 2019
New Law in the Suburbs: a panel discussion on how law firms can enhance productivity and well-being
13 June 2019
VWL and WBA Law Student Mentoring Program
05 June 2019
Speed Networking for Government Lawyers
29 May 2019
Members and Guests Evening with guest speaker Cal Wilson
15 May 2019
An Evening in the North
28 March 2019
The Modern Slavery Act - Domestic servitude and modern slavery in our backyard... RE-OPEN!
20 November 2018
Young, Female and Homeless A Panel Discussion
10 October 2018
24 August 2018
Australian Women Lawyers (AWL) National Conference
22 August 2018
Changes to Privacy and Information Sharing: How it Affects You
06 August 2018
An Evening with Court of Appeal Justices - Pamela Tate and Kim Hargrave
28 June 2018
Older Women Lost in Housing
14 June 2018
Ballarat Networking Evening
17 May 2018
Geelong Networking Event
10 April 2018
Facing the double ceiling
22 November 2017
VWL Annual General Meeting & Christmas Celebration
26 October 2017
19 October 2017
18 October 2017
13 October 2017
Coming to the Bar 2017
28 September 2017
Geelong Event - Mental Health for Law Students and Lawyers
26 September 2017
Reform and Areas of Change for Women and the LGBTI Community
21 September 2017
Ballarat Event - Career Development and Leadership in Regional Victoria - Discussion and Networking Evening
31 August 2017
Homelessness and the Law: A Panel Discussion
26 July 2017
Inspiring Your Career Your Way
18 July 2017
Integrity in the Public Sector: Reflections on Anti-Corruption Initiatives, Gender, and Power
27 June 2017
Pregnancy and returning to work in the legal profession
31 May 2017
Prison Songs - Screening and Panel Discussion
29 May 2017
Women in New Law - A Panel Discussion
15 March 2017
Cultural Diversity in the Legal Profession - A panel discussion on the importance of greater diversity in the legal profession
29 November 2016
21 November 2016
Pay Transparency - Good for Women, Good for Business
02 November 2016
Outcomes of the Royal Commission into Family Violence
25 October 2016
Coming to the Bar
21 October 2016
Regional Career Development and Leadership - Shepparton
20 October 2016
Victorian Women Lawyers turns 20
13 October 2016
Closing the gender pay gap: How to negotiate your pay, conditions & employment contract
06 October 2016
Regional Career Development and Leadership - Geelong
15 September 2016
Flexibility and teams: making it work together
14 September 2016
Addressing Unconscious Bias
24 August 2016
Resourcing Yourself: Professionally and Personally
18 August 2016
Remembering Ms Dhu: Incarceration of Indigenous Women
27 July 2016
13 July 2016
Climbing the career ladder: Panel discussion about career progression for women in the legal industry
29 June 2016
Gender, Sexuality and the Legal Profession
27 May 2016
24 May 2016
19 May 2016
Family Violence in Australia - Migrant women slip through the cracks
11 May 2016
03 March 2016
Regional women lawyers afternoon reception at Government House
25 February 2016
VWA/WBA Female Barristers Networking Lunches
24 February 2016
Women Lawyers Networking Evening