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In recognition of the impacts of COVID-19 on our members, VWL has elected to discount its membership fees for all members for the 2021-2022 membership year.
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VWL sponsors events and publications on issues and topics of interest to its members. To apply for sponsorship or support from VWL:
• Read VWL Policy on Sponsorship and requests for support • Submit a written application, addressing the principles contained in the Policy, to [email protected]


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Sponsor Spotlight

Sharon Lacy | Barrister, Foley's List

Sharon Lacy is a barrister at Foley's List, whose favourite part of joining the bar was becoming her own master and agent of her own future.

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Project Sponsor


The generous support of project sponsor the Law Institute of Victoria and the sponsor firms above allows VWL to provide a diverse and engaging annual program of events, contribute to policy reform initiatives, and meaningfully pursue its central mission of protecting women's rights.

Those interested in sponsoring VWL, or its projects or events, should contact our Sponsorship Officer.

VWL members within our sponsor firms support us through active participation in the VWL community - attending events, joining committees and working groups, contributing to publications and submissions, and adding their voice to the conversation.

VWL likes to highlight the work of these women lawyers, and to share their thoughts with our members. Each month we profile one of these women on this page.