July 2021 | Karina Okotel | The College of Law

July 2021
 | Karina Okotel | Lecturer, The College of Law


I became a lawyer because...

I wanted to help people. As a law student, I had no idea about the wide ranging opportunities the profession would present – it led me to advocating for people experiencing homelessness, standing up for children’s rights as a volunteer in Uganda, being a voice for people in our mental health system, representing those in matters involving family violence and now mentoring others on the cusp of admission to practice.

The best part of my job is..

seeing people realise their dream of becoming a lawyer after many years of study and hard slog. It is my hope that, as a lecturer, I am able to guide students to best understand the ethical responsibilities of a lawyer and to hone their professional skills so that they can enter practice with confidence and make their own mark on the legal profession.

I am most proud of..

our many students who inspire me every day with their passion for the law and serving their clients to the very best of their ability. To be a part of the final stretch of their journey to admission, often while juggling work, additional study, family commitments and other responsibilities, is an incredible privilege.

I am grateful for..

my wonderful colleagues who are all incredibly passionate about the legal profession and mentoring our students. I do not take for granted the supportive bunch of people I get to work with who are always willing to lend each other a hand and who continuously look to new ways in which we can improve the way we teach and guide our students.