Mar 2016 | Lucy Terracall | Clayton Utz

March 2016  Lucy Terracall  Insurance Partner at Clayton Utz                                                                       

I became a lawyer because …

I have always loved words. At a young age I loved reading, writing stories and talking. Later, I really developed an interests in literature, English and languages at high school. I also had some good "debating" training with my two sisters at home. When it came time to consider career options, I felt like law was a perfect fit for me.

I am really proud of …

becoming a Partner at Clayton Utz AND raising a happy, healthy little boy with my husband.

You can have it all …

Obviously each person's "all" is different but in my experience, if you  really love what you do at work and at home, then yes, your "all" is possible.  If you are not passionate about the work you do as a lawyer and don't get satisfaction from your professional life, you need to re-assess.  The modern reality is that work infiltrates your personal  life and vice-versa.

I am extremely grateful for …

all of the opportunities my parents have given me, my extremely patient husband and the privilege of being born in Australia.

If I wasn’t a lawyer …

I would be a travel or food writer.

Before I started at Clayton Utz …

I was at Ebsworth & Ebsworth (now HWL Ebsworth) and prior to that I was living and working  in London.

The best advice I ever received was ...

Worrying about something is a waste of time. If you are worrying about something that you can't fix, then there is no point worrying because you can't change it. If you are worrying something that you can fix, make a plan to fix it and then stop worrying about it.

One of the key legal initiatives I am involved in …

is Momentum, the Clayton Utz initiative to support female lawyers build successful careers in the law.

Outside of the law …

I go skiing as much as possible.  I love the adventure involved in a full-blown ski trip and the thrill of racing down the mountain is nearly as good as a Supreme Court win!

A key mentor who influenced my career is …

There have been many influencers in my career but as far as mentors go, Fred Hawke, Partner at Clayton Utz, has been my Mr Miyagi.


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