Jan 2016 | Emily Hart | Maurice Blackburn

January 2016 | Emily Hart Senior Associate, Medical Negligence Department from Maurice Blackburn

I became a lawyer because …

I love problem solving and working with people. I had never been particularly driven towards a career in the law, but once I started at Law School I felt like I had found my tribe.

A key mentor who influenced my career is …

Kathryn Booth, Principal in the Medical Negligence Department at Maurice Blackburn. She has always given me the time and support to pursue my interests above and beyond my day-to-day role, and has given me truly honest and meaningful advice about what it means to be a lawyer and a leader.

I am really proud of …

The diversity of legal work I have been involved with during my career – private practice, free clinics, law reform, media work and legal research.

Before I started at Maurice Blackburn …

I was convinced that I wanted to practice family law, but was given a start in a smaller personal injuries firm, where I met some of my best friends and got thrown straight in the deep end.

I had never really considered personal injuries as a practice area, and am so thankful I got the chance to experience the fulfilment this area of law can provide.

You can have it all …

But you can’t have it all at once. Prioritisation is the most important skill for a lawyer to develop.

One of the key legal initiatives I am involved in …

Is the HeLP Patient Legal Clinic at the Alfred Hospital. It is a free legal clinic for patients and their families, where we provide advice and supported referral for any health-related legal issue. I work part-time in the clinic, and have seen an incredibly wide range of legal issues. It has been an absolute pleasure to help establish this clinic, and to see it flourish at the Hospital.

If I wasn’t a lawyer …

I would be a wedding planner – the mix of military precision organisation and beautiful flowers would suit my skillset perfectly!

The best advice I ever received was ...

To try and be authentic at all times – I was never going to fit in to a traditional corporate environment, and success has come to me in circumstances where I have been able to be myself and let my own personality and passions shine through.

I am extremely grateful for …

The opportunities I’ve been given to try new and interesting things in my career. And the more opportunities I’ve taken, the more seem to come my way.

Outside of the law …

I love to travel. I’ve visited every continent except Antarctica, and hope to tick that one off the list soon.

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