September 2022 | Monica Blizzard | KHQ Lawyers


September 2022 | Monica Blizzard | Director at KHQ Lawyers


I became a lawyer because…

I wanted to make a difference to those around me. Being a lawyer allows me to engage with clients on a day-to-day basis, and to assist them in their legal journey through the varied aspects of family law including surrogacy, divorce and separation.

Throughout my career I have not only thoroughly enjoyed the litigation aspect of my role, but I have also developed expertise in dispute resolution, having trained as a mediator, collaborative lawyer and parenting co-ordinator.

I have also had extensive experience in family violence cases and am a passionate advocate in this area. Family law provides a unique opportunity to restore the power imbalance that inherently exists in these cases and allows us to navigate the highly complex and emotional aspects, to ensure the safety of our client and to obtain an outcome that otherwise may not have been possible.

I have an amazing team at KHQ, and thoroughly enjoy the mentor aspect of my role, and the ability to work with other talented lawyers within and outside of my team, in our other practice areas including, tax, commercial, property, wills and estates and workplace relations.

Family Law is unique insofar as it can touch so many other areas of the law and provides the opportunity to work collaboratively with not only other lawyers, but other professionals including accountants, financial planners, and psychologists.

No case is the same and no day is the same.

The advice I would give to those studying law is…

A law degree is the foundation of a legal career but does not necessarily prepare you for a career as a lawyer. Get as much experience as you can during your studies, seek out as many clerkships as to can to get practical experience in varied areas. Through this you will have a greater understanding of what it means to have a legal career and whether this is suited to you. From there you can find the areas of law that you are passionate about, which will then land you in good stead for any graduate roles, and to decide your speciality within the law generally. Being a lawyer can be demanding, and you need to ensure not only that you are suited to this kind of work, but also whilst doing it you have a focus on wellbeing and stress management.

To me, leadership means…

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and the ability to have others share and embrace that vision. Being able to mentor well, and delegate effectively. It involves setting a good example to those around you, not only in terms of standards of legal work but also in relation to client and team management. A good leader inherently has a positive influence on those around them.

My weekends are spent…

AWith my family, especially my two young children who are the centre of my world. We have a holiday home close to the beach in South Gippsland, which has become our “happy place”. I love nothing more than entertaining, enjoying long lunches with family and friends, or walking our dogs on the beach.