October 2021 | Anna Svenson | Svenson Barristers


October 2021 | Anna Svenson | Director and Principal Clerk, Svenson Barristers


To me, a successful advocate is...

Working with barristers we receive a lot of feedback from solicitors and barristers alike about what a successful advocate is.  To me a successful advocate is someone who:

- Is able to distil the point of their argument into succinct, direct and efficient words and they use plain language and to convey their point;

- They listen. A great advocate is someone who is really attuned to the needs and goals of the client but is also adaptable to the ever changing situations that arise in court litigation;

- They know the brief. The key to being a fantastic advocate is knowing the material you are arguing in great detail.  The better the advocate knows the brief, the better they can present the legal matters pertaining to it.

The most rewarding part of my job is...

As a Barristers Clerk what really inspires me each day is seeing barristers thrive and my business grow. I am very privileged to say that I really adore my job!

I love welcoming new readers to the List and working with them to help them achieve all that they hope for in their careers at the Bar. It gives me great joy to be able to assist barristers execute practice changes, land important and inspiring briefs and step up into positions to leadership.

I really enjoy speaking with loyal and new solicitor customers and recommending barristers to suit their needs.  When we find that perfect fit for a legal matter everyone feels like we have had a win! When a solicitor or barrister calls to praise and thank our team for great recommendations and service that makes my day.

Hosting events is also one of my passions in this role – so throwing a great networking party and hearing about all the new connections made as a result is always really rewarding.

My advice to lawyers wanting to come to the Bar is...

Do it now! So often I speak with junior barristers who say to me that they wished that they had made the transition to the Bar sooner. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect time’ to come to the Bar.  There will always be something that makes you second guess whether this year is ‘the year’ to go.

It takes hard work and grit to study for the exam, undertake the readers course and to ultimately become your own boss and run your own business, but there are so many rewards that await those that do take the leap.

Speak to lots of people about their transition to the Bar and listen to advice from all different places.  My tip: those who have made the transition to the Bar in more recent years can be the best resources to you.

On my weekend, I look forward to...

Spending time at our farm in South Gippsland.  As our side hustle, my husband and I run a cattle and sheep farm on 500 acres near Walkerville.  This is my place for escape and recharge.  Growing up as a country girl I find that getting out of the city rejuvenates me like nothing else.  I like to be hands on and there is always something to do around the property.  Doing some physical work around the place ‘switches you off’ from the email driven, busy work mindset.  There are also some great places for a coffee and a beach walk nearby, which I also really enjoy.  In non-COVID times we love hosting our friends at the farm, cooking elaborate feasts and enjoying wine and the fire of an evening.  Spending time outdoors on the farm allows me to come back with renewed energy to give my all to Svenson Barristers.