May 2024 | Lia Cam | Foley’s List


Lia Cam | Foley's List


It feels like just yesterday that I began my journey as a Clerk. Two years ago, at 17, I was a young woman in London just starting out with little idea around the legal industry. Now, at nearly 20, I'm working at Foley's List in Melbourne, the largest and most prestigious clerking institution in Australia. The most pivotal moment in my career was taking that first daring leap into the unknown. I navigated challenges in a heavily male-dominated industry, consistently being the youngest among my colleagues. By establishing my identity and advancing my experience, I've reached where I am today, fulfilling my dream career on an entirely different continent.


Confidence stems from knowledge. Each day at Foley's presents a new learning curve, bringing with it newfound confidence and pride in my workspace. The variety of tasks—from handling briefings in family, criminal, and commercial law to engaging with different solicitors and barristers—adds to the dynamic nature of my role. One of the most rewarding aspects of clerking at Foley's is the ever-changing landscape of the job. Every day offers something new, allowing me to meet diverse people and forge connections with various personalities. This constant interaction and variety not only enhances my skills but also enriches my professional experience daily.


A year ago in London, I was one of just two women among thirteen clerks. Today, I am proud to be one of four women out of seven clerks at Foley's. Looking forward, I hope to witness similar changes across more practices, chambers, and legal areas worldwide. A crucial factor in maintaining this progression towards diversity within the legal field is the empowerment and upliftment of individuals through education. Utilising resources to raise awareness about diverse career pathways ensures that the next generation of young women considering the legal industry can make informed choices about their futures. As the current generation of women in law, it is our duty to open these doors for them, recognizing that as we continue to diversify, innovation, development, and sustainability will inevitably follow.