May 2022 | Maree Caminiti | Foley’s List


May 2022 | Maree Caminiti | Barristers' Clerk, Foley's List


The most rewarding part of working with the Victorian Bar is...

As a Barristers Clerk the most rewarding part of working with the Victorian Bar is the journey.

When welcoming a new reader to the list, they often experience anxiety of the unknown. As a Clerk, we do what we can do ensure barristers are able to put their best foot forward at the beginning of their new careers. Whether it’s by getting them their first brief, opening them up to new contacts or providing them with guidance whenever it’s needed. Being a small part of their success and watching them flourish into a confident advocate with a thriving practice is extremely rewarding.

I am privileged to say that I love being a Barristers Clerk and I am proud to be apart of Foley’s List who supports a diverse and inclusive list.

To me, a successful advocate is...

A successful advocate can have many different meanings, the answer will vary depending on who is making the judgement. What defines a successful advocate to me is not necessarily defined by the wins/losses, it is providing the best possible representation and being the voice for your client.

Being able to communicate in a clear and concise manner, being prepared and reliable, listening to others and being listened to, reading others and having patience are skill sets to a strong foundation to being able to best represent your client and being a successful advocate.

My best tip for lawyers coming to the Victorian Bar is...

Don’t let the fear of failure consume you. As a society we often become obsessed with achieving the best results and being the best. Whilst these are important tools to achieving your goals, they often open the gates to the fear of failure. The most common feedback from solicitors is that they don’t often take the leap to joining the bar either due to the fear of failing the exam or the fear of the financial uncertainty, which is particularly burdensome for those who need to plan for parental leave and balance/support young families. My best tip is to plan and set yourself up for success. Building up annual leave for study and exam leave, joining a study group, bank as much savings as you’re able to, setting yourself up with the right mentors and choosing an experienced and full-service Clerk that will help get your career off to the best possible start. If you’re thinking about joining and would like to speak to a Clerk, Foley’s List is always available.

On the weekend I look forward to...

I work full time whilst balancing life with a toddler. I often feel guilty for choosing to work full time, as many working parents do. My priority on my weekends is spending as much time with my family as possible, and I look forward to planning our weekends which may be filled with mini getaways or a Netflix binge.

I also look forward to finding some time for myself which could involve retail therapy or a night out with friends!