July 2022 | Clare Batrouney | Maddocks


July 2022 | Clare Batrouney | Partner at Maddocks


I love practicing law because…

My love and enjoyment for legal practice is due, in large part, to selecting an area of practice that suits my personality and enables me to ‘play to my strengths’.

As a property law specialist, I work within a subject area that I am passionate about and I have a genuine interest in my clients and their projects.  I have a broad and varied practice which continues to challenge me on a daily basis - I love the diversity of being required to take a deep-dive into legal principles for one client while providing commercial or strategic advice to another.

My practice also allows me to indulge in my love of writing – an often underestimated skill – to convey clear and effective advice to clients.

I am also fortunate to have wonderful, supportive clients and a fantastic team of lawyers …so what’s not to love about practicing law!


A career highlight for me was…


It is always satisfying to be able to close a significant property project or resolve a particularly complex legal problem for a client.

However, I consider the most rewarding aspect of legal practice to be developing meaningful relationships with clients and mentoring graduates and junior lawyers as they embark on successful legal careers.

The best advice I have received is…

The best piece of advice I have received is that a problem shared is a problem halved.

It is a truism that I have found useful both professionally and personally, and it is my ‘go to’ piece of advice for any junior lawyer embarking on a career in the law.

It is somewhat bemusing to see lawyers who operate as though they need to be the fountain of all wisdom to their clients.  Given that we are in the business of problem-solving for our clients, in my experience, the best solutions to the trickiest problems are often achieved by engaging and collaborating with colleagues and clients.

Outside of the law I enjoy…

As a parent to 3 very active young boys, my ideal weekend is immersing myself in their little lives, enjoying precious time with extended family, trying out new restaurants with friends or entertaining at home.

I also love to travel and experience new places.  Whenever possible, I bundle the family into the car for weekend getaways to unwind and re-energise after a busy week.  After 2 years of Covid-19 travel restrictions, my bucket list of holiday destinations has grown considerably, and I’ve probably spent far too much time planning our next, long-awaited getaway!